Royal Vegas Casino Roulette

Have doubts about online casino Roulette? Think only a combination of real Vegas and a brick-and-mortar game will be able to excite you? We give you a chance to have a second thought as we invite you to wade into the game’s fascinating world.

Present in several variants, this online wonder is certain to win each gambler’s heart. What’s so amazing about it? Let’s portray the Royal Vegas Roulettes peculiarities to know the answer.

Casino Roulette

How to Start to Play Online Roulette at Royal Vegas Casino?

You ought to become a registered player by the venue to gain access to its real money games in general and Roulette in particular. The Registration suggests that you:

  • Launch the Royal Vegas site on whatever device
  • Tap Sign Up
  • Fill in the Sign-Up form with your valid email, nickname, and password
  • Press Create My Account
  • Enter your correct personal details

To proceed with Royal Vegas Roulette, put your first deposit onto your bankroll. This may also bring you a solid Welcome bonus of up to C$ 1,200. Accept it or decline, you are now a full member as well as a participant of this venue’s Loyalty Program. Thus, you can enhance your online casino Roulette experience right at the entry and keep it hot in the sequel.

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1 to 2

1st 12

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19 to 36

Types of Bets

To understand Roulette bets, remember how the game works. Its wheel with 37 or 38 sectors contains 0, sometimes 00, and the sequence from 1 to 36. Before the Croupier throws the ball and spins the wheel, all bets have to be done on the online casino Roulette field. This element might perplex you at first sight. But it is indeed easy to get into its possible bet variants:

Inside Bets

You see that the best part of a typical online casino Roulette’s field is occupied by black and red sectors with numbers, plus zeroes (or a zero). All bets placed here are called Inside. Their options are:

  • Straight or Single Bet. You select a sole number to wager on. Here, the color or any other feature does not matter
  • Split Bet. You pick 2 neighboring pockets lying either horizontally or vertically to place a stake on in Royal Vegas Roulette
  • Street Bet. You stake chips on a line consisting of 3 sectors. Again, only digits matter in this type
  • Corner or Square. Naturally, you bet on the sectors located at the corners of the Roulette field, for instance, on 9-11-12
  • Trio. The wager is placed on a zero plus its two neighbors, for instance, 0-1-2 or 00-2-3
  • First Four. You bet on a zero and the pockets with 1, 2, and 3 in this Royal Vegas Roulette stake
  • Basket. Here, a double zero plus the same sectors with 1, 2, and 3 are chosen to bet on

It’s logical that some of the bets are unavailable for Roulettes with either one or two zeroes.

Inside Bets

Outside Bets

It’s clear that the rest of the field represents the Outside Bets options, namely:

  • Red / Black. You do not select any digits – instead, you wager on all of them colored in either RED or BLACK
  • Even / Odd. With this online casino Roulette bet, you opt for 18 sectors belonging to either an even or odd number class
  • Dozen Bets. You select one of the “twelves”: these are digits from 1 to 12, from 13 to 24, or from 25 to 36

No matter which Roulette variant you prefer, all Outside Bets are at your disposal.

Outside Bets

Royal Vegas Roulette Versions

The operator’s game library contains three modifications of Royal Vegas Roulette:

  1. European Roulette. This variant presupposes only one zero (0) on the field. Do not ignore this fact. Although it pays just like the American, the European one-zero game results in the 1:37 odds or in the house edge of 2.70%
  2. French Roulette. Here, the field layout remains the same. However, this modification offers even more attractive odds since French Online Casino Roulette supports additional En Prison options. So, if your wager loses because of the zero-outcome, you are allowed to either return half your wager or place it again
  3. American Roulette. The American variant is equipped with a two-zero field (0 & 00). This leads to a bit worse odds since the field contains a total of 38 pockets, not 37. But the version’s popularity does not fade.

Royal Vegas Roulette Versions

Superb Live Roulette Games

Royal Vegas Casino invites Canadian punters to experience its online casino Roulette games conducted by the Live Dealer. The operator utilizes the top-advanced technologies from forwarding developers and extra-class croupiers to enable seamless work of this terrific service.

Regarding your budget, you have a choice of 5 table types, namely:

Table TypeLimits per wager, C$
10.5 – 10
21 – 25
32 – 50
45 – 100
510 – 200

Superb Live Roulette Games

Supported OSAndroid, iPhone, Windows Phone
Live Mobile GamesYes

Mobile Roulette

Royal Vegas Roulette is one of those numerous titles accessible for Canadian mobile gamblers. Today, this venue has all the necessary capacities to ensure an equally high-standard mobile experience with all its games, including Live.